Italforni, a new
generation of professional ovens

How to choose the Italforni oven that best suits your needs.

There are many fields within ITALFORNI is positioned with its compact, modular or conveyor belt ovens. Thus managing to reach a wide range of activities in the restaurant and industrial sectors, in addition to the production of kilns for glass and ceramics. The company offers to each customer a unique and original product in every aspect. Reliable products and impeccable service are the strengths of ITALFORNI.

Fields of application

Innovation, sustainability, efficiency and reliability are the cornerstones that inspire the company in the creation of its products.

Why choose Italforni

    Without innovation there is no future
    ITALFORNI always more eco-friendly
  3. 03.EFFICIENCY Target: to achieve the highest level of efficiency
    Professionalism and reliability, two unavoidable qualities

Awards and Acknowledgments

Multiple awards and recognitions obtained by ITALFORNI over the years, both nationally and internationally, have confirmed the company’s ability to innovate and develop high quality products. ITALFORNI set a world record twice, and then received several awards promoted by major trade fairs

for the design quality, efficiency and innovation of its products. No less important is the certification recently received as a company referenced by Cribis Prime Company.


  • Pizzeria equipment: what must not be missing in your business
    When talking about pizzeria equipment, the subject is wider than shovels, spatulas or rolling pins, because it also and above all concerns the oven, the kneading machine, the pizza rolling machine and all those tools and machineries indispensable for the work of those who offer pizza to customers every day.
  • Electric oven and design: Italforni aesthetics dictate the law in the kitchen
    Visor is an Italforni electric oven that combines functionality and aesthetics. Differentiation is the watchword: creating a style following the trends of the moment and having a design oven are important details in the eyes of your customers.
  • Professional tunnel oven: Italforni gas and electric solutions
    The professional tunnel oven meets many needs. Italforni has studied compact or industrial structures. Let’s find out together!
  • Everything you should know to open a successful pastry shop
    Opening a pastry shop is not easy and requires to take care of many aspects, from the most structural ones, inherent to the room and equipment, to the bureaucratic ones, without forgetting the technique and the skill. Venturing into the confectionery sector does not mean simply practicing a hobby, but much more!
  • Pastry equipment: what cannot be missing in a successful bakery
    To make a good pastry product, passion and technical ability are not enough, but the tools used also play a fundamental role. Professional pastry equipment allows you to improve the quality and quantity of the final product, giving your business an edge.
  • Italforni to Sigep 2022
    Also this year, Italforni takes part in Sigep, the most important fair in the sweet foodservice sector, dedicated to all professionals in artisan pastry and bakery.

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