The best commercial electric pizza ovens

Pizza is an integral part of our culinary history, a 100% Italian symbol that has been able to cross the oceans and be appreciated all over the world. Its “ability” to globalize is counterbalanced by a tradition in its preparation, in the ingredients and in the recipe book of which we have always been very jealous. To the point of generating contrasts on every innovative aspect that oscillates from the choice of flour to the use of tools other than one’s own hands, to end with the cooking ovens: a war between those who still cannot break away from the idea that pizza can be cooked only with wood and those who have found their new dimension in electric solutions.

The truth, as often happens, has not settled alongside a single faction, but it is undeniable that the best commercial electric ovens currently in use or on the market are able to equalize (if not exceed) the qualitative yield of a wood-fired oven while bringing unparalleled ease of use and practicality. To these advantages we also add another factor: it does not pollute with emissions deriving from combustion.

The electric solution is therefore an opportunity to be seized on the fly for those who intend to enter the restaurant business or more simply for the pizza chef who wants to renew their fleet of machinery / equipment. Not only for the advantages already mentioned, but also for the potential they can offer to the business of a pizza maker. In this sense Italforni offers a wide range of electric ovens, even tunnel models (ideal in certain fast food pizza contexts): discover with us why choose them to give a positive turn to your place.

The Italforni electric proposal: ideal from different points of view

Opting for an Italforni commercial electric oven means giving greater importance to all those aspects useful for improving the work of the pizza maker without losing points in terms of product quality, which is the only real reason why a restaurant is successful or not: customers like the pizza that is produced. If, however, quality food is contrasted by bad service, too long times or other inefficiencies, it is useless to be able to offer the best pizza in the world.

In this interlude the functionality of the commercial electric oven is inserted, which guarantees a management practicality capable of organizing cooking in the best and most stationary way (as well as allowing the temperature to be reached more quickly), with consequent optimization of the whole process, from order to delivery to the table. A mix of technology, safety, programmability and qualitative performance that makes them preferable to the wood-fired “brothers”.

At the end of the evaluations, choosing an electric model therefore means aiming to satisfy all the criteria that are normally taken into consideration in the search for the best oven for your business:

  • Time optimization
  • Uniformity and quality of cooking
  • Convenience
  • Economic management

How a commercial electric oven works: cooking and management

Before discovering which are the best Italforni commercial electric ovens, it is necessary to understand and analyze how they work, the management advantages during cooking and how they can implement the pizza maker business. Let’s point out a fact: we are talking about tools, machinery. Ultimately, what makes the most difference is the technical skill of the pizza maker, his knowledge and the ingredients available (quality must concern every aspect, not just a few). Often, however, these aspects alone are not enough, and vice versa: Michael Schumacher would not have won any car title driving a city-car, as in the same way giving a racing car to a 6-year-old child does not mean having victory in his pocket. These are all complementary factors for the realization of an excellent pizza: skill and knowledge of the pizza maker, professional electric oven, flours and first choice ingredients. In the right hands the oven can perform at its best and cook perfectly.

From a purely technical point of view, a commercial electric oven works very simply. Electricity generates heat through the resistances placed between the floor and the ceiling (which can also be adjusted separately and therefore differently), allowing extremely uniform and precise cooking thanks also to humidity control. In the electric tunnel models the factor inherent to the belt is added, of which the speed can also be managed. The fact that the heat is not generated by combustion helps the cleaning and maintenance work at the end of the service: in fact there are no residues of soot or inherent in the burning of wood or gas. For the same reason it is not necessary to buy firewood or to equip oneself with systems for the abatement of fine dust, whose polluting factor is really too high.

Practicality and functionality are the watchwords when it comes to electric ovens, but it should not be overlooked that these qualities also correspond to a high precision in cooking due to the possibility of adjusting the temperature with flexibility (differentiating the floor and ceiling as already specified) and to keep the heat level always constant, without therefore suffering drops (a level that the wood and gas models are not able to reach equally). From these functional peculiarities the final product is cooked to perfection, uniform and, if all the factors are of the same level (including the oven), of high quality.

The peculiarity of electric tunnel ovens: innovation servicing of the pizza maker

Among the best Italforni commercial electric pizza ovens there is also an innovative and useful type in different contexts, especially for pizzerias by the slice or more generally with a fast food vocation: the tunnel oven. Versatile and easy to use, it is characterized as mentioned above by the belt that carries the product to be cooked (which can be pizza but also main dishes, second dishes, vegetables, etc.).

Beyond the belt, it maintains all the positive features of electric ovens in general: practical and functional, capable of keeping the internal temperature stable and obtaining uniform cooking. The belt can be composed of a refractory surface or a metal grid (in this case the pan is essential), it is speed-adjustable and thus adds an extra variant to obtain a perfect professional cooking. It also prevents the pizza chef from using shovels or other utensils to bake.

The best Italforni professional electric pizza ovens

Once the overview is proposed, all that remains is to discover a selection of three electrically powered ovens from the Italforni product range. We present the Bull, Euro and Tunnel Stone models.


The Bull electric oven is one of Italforni’s flagship products. Assembled in steel with tempered (and colored) glass coating, its linearity offers a remarkable aesthetic effect. It is available in sizes S, M, L and XL, and can be composed of up to 3 cooking chambers (adjustable separately), all in refractory material (both top and floor) characterized by hy•pe armored heating elements. It has a large leavening cell and reaches a maximum temperature of 450 ° degrees. The thermal insulation guarantees an external temperature of 30 degrees Celsious. The innovative digital Touch control offers an interface with an intuitive and easily manageable customized display.


The Euro professional oven is available in two versions:

  1. Stand has an aluminized steel baking chamber with refractory floor
  2. Classic is completely made with refractory material (with hy°pe armored heating elements inserted inside).

Perfect for pizzeria, pastry and bakery, this modular oven has a large leavening compartment, while the control panel can be chosen digital or electromechanical, according to the preferences of the pizza chef. Available in two aesthetic versions, rustic or stainless steel, it reaches the maximum temperature of 450 ° degrees and guarantees excellent thermal insulation.

Stone tunnel

The exclusive commercial electric tunnel oven with conveyor belt in refractory material (there is also the version with steel belt). Compact and easy to use, it allows you to adjust the temperatures of the top and hob separately to optimize the cooking of different foods (in addition to pizza, also bread, meat, etc.). It offers exceptional thermal insulation, outside the temperature never exceeds 30 ° degrees, guaranteeing operator safety. The Encoder Kit allows you to manage temperatures, cooking times and belt speed, and also makes it possible to program 25 cooking cycles. Maximum achievable temperature of 450 ° degrees.