Professional pizza oven: how to choose the right one for your business

Commercial pizza oven: electric, gas and wood-fired oven

Pizza has always been one of the greatest Italian excellences. Recently, the pizzeria sector represents the link between the classic and the new trends, especially as regards the novelties in the equipment, and the increasingly varied types of pizza.

In order to create a perfect union between the “old way” and the new, the pizza chefs must be able to satisfy the increasingly demanding clientele, managing to guarantee the perfect quality of the pizzas. With this in mind, the managers of pizzerias should always be careful in arranging their premises with the technological innovations regarding the equipment of the trade, so as to be able to take advantage of the right tools and professional high-tech pizza ovens.

A pizza chef worthy of the name will require an excellent commercial pizza oven, such as to be able to guarantee and maintain the right cooking temperature, without the heat being lost. On the market, the types of commercial pizza ovens are numerous: it is possible to find excellent electric pizza ovens in specialized stores, revisited thanks to recent technological innovations, as well as many types of gas pizza ovens, suitable for all types of pizza.

The choice of the professional pizza oven that best suits your business can depend on many factors: the type of pizza that is produced (whether it is baked in a pan or directly on the hob), the quantity of pizzas baked daily and of course the taste. staff of the pizza chef.

With the aim of obtaining a pizza that does not disappoint the customer’s expectations, equipping your restaurant with an excellent professional oven suitable for different needs is essential. When buying a professional pizza oven, it is good to consider all the news on the subject, so as to be able to obtain excellent final products.

Among the various possibilities on the market, the following description of professional ovens can help the professional in this difficult but fundamental choice.

Commercial pizzo oven: tunnel pizza ovens

The great classics revisited: the electric, gas and wood-fired oven

A result of the technological innovations is certainly the improvement of the characteristics of classic professional ovens: the electric oven, in which the heat is released thanks to the overheating of the resistances; the gas oven, which produces heat thanks to the flame placed in the lower parts; the wood-burning oven, in which the heat is emanated from the wood. These different types are characterized by different ways in the emission and distribution of heat inside the oven.

As mentioned above, the professional electric oven is the ideal choice for the professional who is dedicated to preparing pizzas by the slice. The cooking of the product not only responds to greater uniformity, but is also safer than other types of pizza ovens. This oven reaches quite high temperatures (up to 450 °) and thanks to the new temperature control systems, combined with the insertion of heat-resistant handles, the safety of the operator is guaranteed.

Recent innovations in the field of professional electric ovens mean that some models have two or more independently adjustable cooking chambers, with the aim of cooking different types of pizzas at the same time without compromising the final results. Having a state-of-the-art professional electric oven means obtaining exceptional cooking results, without forgetting the ease of use and cleaning of the equipment.

As for the professional gas oven, the choice of many catering activities falls on this type of oven. Generally, the professional who is dedicated to cooking traditional Italian (and Neapolitan) pizzas and focaccias prefers the gas oven, as the pizzas remain crunchy on the edges and soft in the most seasoned part.

Generally, professional gas ovens are designed for LPG or methane systems and reach very high temperatures, around 450° C. To have the temperatures suitable for cooking traditional pizza, this type of oven is, without a doubt, an option to consider.

A commercial pizza oven of this type is equipped with a fireplace for the discharge of fumes, anti-scald handles and a whole series of options that make use really simple and safe. It quickly reaches the optimal temperature for cooking delicious pizzas and focaccias. Consumption is convenient and it is easy to clean after use.

From the point of view of energy saving, continuous technological research has ensured that electric and gas ovens also allow considerable energy savings. In fact, the choice of setting up its own Eco-Friendly oven business is the most popular.

The choice of a professional oven of these types translates into greater versatility of use, reduction of management and energy costs, immediacy of results.

Innovation that does not compromise professionalism: tunnel pizza ovens

Among the recent technical innovations, one cannot fail to refer to tunnel ovens for pizzerias, that is, high-profile electric or gas professional equipment, with truly high performance.

This type of oven is enjoying great success in many catering businesses, as it is versatile and easy to use, even for unskilled personnel. The quality of cooking has nothing to envy compared to other professional ovens, thanks above all to the constant maintenance of the external temperature even when in operation, to ensure the absolute protection of the operator.

With the guarantee of perfect thermal insulation, the tunnel oven for pizzeria allows the professional to expand cooking and products. In fact, these ovens are ideal for cooking pizzas, focaccias, tortillas, wraps, bruschetta, croutons, but also meats, first courses and vegetables.

The material used for the construction of professional tunnel ovens is not only synonymous with sturdiness, but with performance: it is precisely the refractory surfaces and the armored heating elements that create the right thermal performance.

The peculiarity of tunnel pizza ovens is the belt, which acts as a conveyor for the product to be cooked. It is thanks to the presence of the latter that it is possible to do without doors, shovels and other utensils for baking pizza. The width of the oven depends on the models (usually it is between 50 and 80 centimeters) and can vary according to the type of model and system present in the room, as for all other types of professional ovens.

With the tunnel oven for pizzerias the delicate cooking phase will no longer be a problem: just set the time and temperatures of the top and floor; the heat will then be regulated by a double control system inside the cooking chamber. In addition, the possibility of adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt constitutes a further strong point for the pizza chef, who is no longer forced to open and close doors and use shovels or other tools to bake.

Choosing the right oven can literally decide the future of a restaurant business, so the advice is to choose quality also with regard to the belt ovens and not look for savings on equipment as the oven is the real one beating heart of a pizzeria.

Choose the commercial pizza oven: the choice must be made according to needs

Choose the commercial pizza oven: the choice must be made according to needs

Thanks to technological innovations, the possibility of choosing between the various professional pizza ovens is really wide, without forgetting the best materials with which they are composed, which guarantee an ever greater functionality of the final products. When choosing a commercial pizza oven suitable for your specific needs, you must take into account the productivity and efficiency of the product, as this type of equipment was created with the intention of simplifying the life of the pizza chef in a concrete way, in order to ensure greater concentration on the main activities.

The presence on the market of many types of professional ovens means that these equipment (indispensable and fundamental for a pizzeria) are adaptable to the most diverse needs, and it is precisely for this reason that choosing the right oven becomes a crucial and important operation.

Wanting to give an example, it is possible to find on the market professional ovens of all sizes, with a cooking capacity of 8, 10 or even 14 pizzas at the same time, and all in a perfect way. Considering the daily inflows and the type of pizza you want to sell, the size of the oven can give a big hand to the professional, also allowing considerable savings.

A very effective way to measure productivity is to calculate the speed of service of an oven: the more efficiently and quickly the pizza cooks (some ovens are able to guarantee, electric or gas, a cooking in 60 seconds) the more you can increase productivity without compromising on quality. The high service speed of an oven is also the best way to guarantee a high service to the customer, who will be able to receive the pizza a few minutes after order.

The new commercial pizza ovens guarantee increasingly efficient results, as they can always keep the hob hot (in some cases, as we have seen for tunnel ovens, even when the fire is off) thus allowing optimal cooking of the pizzas and savings deriving from the progressive optimization of working times.

In conclusion, the suggestion for professionals in the sector is to check the professionalism and degree of experience of the staff, so as to be able to choose the best oven also according to these two variables.

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