Commercial electric oven for baking: a model for different purposes

Commercial electric oven for baking

Bread and pizza. Two foods that are born poor, but which in recent years are the undisputed protagonists of that gastronomic revolution that seeks to combine tradition and modernity, thanks to the continuous search for new ideas.

One of the most important differences between the many types of pizzas and breads baked every day is related to the variety of native cereals, typical of each Italian region.

From jervicella flour, all from the Marche region, to saragolla wheat, grown between Lucania, Sannio and Abruzzo, there are many varieties of cereals that can be used to create ever new doughs.

Each area of ​​our country, in fact, has its own type of traditional bread, linked both to the purely agricultural factor of the quality of the grain that is grown, and to centuries-old traditions that are handed down from generation to generation.

The pizza for its part certainly does not stand by and watch. While providing for the use of the same ingredients as bread, in recent years it has been able to reinvent itself thanks to the refinement of the technique by pizza makers who, increasingly experienced, have expanded their offer by proposing alternative doughs.

New flavors and combinations of ingredients that tell a territory and require an increasingly professional service.

At the basis of this revolution, therefore, there is undoubtedly the quality of the raw material, the continuous experimentation on dough and leavening, the territoriality of both the ingredients and the traditions and above all the control of cooking.

The world of contemporary white art, in fact, sees an ever greater diffusion of the electric oven, which compared to the wood-burning one is more practical and efficient as well as offering significant energy savings and greater environmental compatibility.

To be able to experiment with doughs made with different flours, to play with flavors and to improve the customer experience in terms of digestibility, it is necessary to have tools that are able to make the most of the leavened product during cooking.

Thanks to the temperature and humidity control, as well as the internal configuration of the cooking chamber, modern commercial electric oven for baking are able to guarantee uniform cooking regardless of the load and type of product.

Let’s see below what are the elements that characterize the most modern electric ovens used for baking bread and pizza and the advantages they offer.

Commercial electric oven for baking: high performance, low consumption

Commercial electric oven for baking: high performance, low consumption

Certainly the greatest challenge that the best commercial electric oven for baking have had to face is that of having to deal with the more traditional wood-burning ovens.

Sometimes, in fact, we are reluctant to let go of old habits for the benefit of progress and technological improvements.

However, there are many professionals in the sector who have chosen to adopt a professional electric oven in their kitchen.

This is because it is an easy to use solution and is able to perfectly meet the needs of the most demanding pizza chefs and bakers.

Not to mention that in the commercial electric oven for baking there is no combustion and consequently there are no residues and ash to clean.

What are the three essential requirements that a good professional oven must possess in order to guarantee flawless baking of bread and pizza?

  1. Have an oven cooking surface made of refractory material. The surface on which the bread or pizza rests must have a good capacity to preserve the stored heat. For this purpose, it is useful to have an instrument with a base made of refractory stone, even better if the entire cooking chamber is coated with this material
  2. Presence of steam in the cooking chamber of the oven. The electric models allow extremely precise and modular cooking based on the type of dough and its hydration, also thanks to the possibility of controlling the humidity in the chamber. This option is important for baking bread. Steam, in fact, is essential as it allows, on the one hand, the optimal development of the loaf by delaying the formation of the crust, on the other hand, it facilitates its friability, brightness and makes it extremely tasty when tasted
  3. Always keep the temperature constant and uniform. The temperature changes, especially during the first phase of baking the bread, irremediably compromise the success of the final product.

Commercial electric oven for baking manage to perfectly meet these three requirements while also offering countless other advantages.

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What are the advantages of an electric bread and pizza oven?

Practicality of use, low consumption and always perfect, homogeneous and uniform cooking characterize the new generation professional ovens thanks to the strong technological footprint and the quality of the materials used.

In the electric oven, the heating of the resistances generates the heat necessary for cooking.

This translates into both a high speed of temperature elevation and the possibility of being able to obtain different temperatures between the top and the floor based on the arrangement of the resistances and their setting.

Moreover, thanks to the evolution of construction technologies, the temperatures that can be reached by these tools are now the same as those of the best wood-burning ovens, with the great advantage of being able to be maintained in an absolutely constant and controlled manner, thus allowing considerable savings in terms of consumption.

A professional electric oven made of refractory stone, precisely for the cooking needs of the doughs taken into consideration, can be considered the ideal cooking solution to enjoy all the advantages of electric ovens, without giving up the rustic and traditional results of a classic. wood oven.

The best refractory materials are resistant, difficult to wear over time and specially made to withstand high temperatures. For this reason they are extremely safe and do not release harmful substances into food or contaminate it.

Compared to the wood-burning oven, it should also be borne in mind that for electric ovens, the installation of flues is not required, since no harmful gases are released into the environment.

Thanks to the technology implemented, electric ovens often make it possible to have a digital control panel designed for the management of the oven and the relative leavening compartment, with function icons and easy-to-use touch keys.

This allows you to perfectly adjust the temperature in each cooking chamber, avoiding the staff to constantly monitor the heat inside the oven.

In fact, once the program has been set, those in charge of cooking can devote themselves to other tasks (such as, for example, preparing other doughs or toppings), without worrying that the temperature drops excessively.

The programs that the tool is equipped with make work more autonomous and lean, even if there are newly hired personnel.

Last, but not least, the electric oven if multifunction is designed and built to provide different combinations or programs so as to be able to offer differentiated cooking based on the type of food to be baked.

This represents an undoubted advantage for all those activities that intend to expand the range of products offered.

As we have seen, managing the temperature of an electric oven is much simpler than a wood-burning oven, but there is also another advantage that should not be underestimated.

This type of oven, in fact, is designed to always ensure the maximum cooking surface even in the most compact dimensions.

This feature makes them the ideal solution even for those who have smaller spaces, allowing them to optimize every centimeter of the bakery or pizzeria available.

Thanks to the extreme versatility, given by the possibility of customizing the finish, and the attention to design, the commercial electric oven for baking are able to combine aesthetics and functionality, adapting perfectly to any environment.

It should also be noted that these models can be cleaned very easily. The opening doors made of tempered glass, in addition to allowing a complete and practical view of the entire cooking chamber, also allow you to keep the work area tidy more easily.

The correct hygiene that a wood-burning oven requires, in fact, is much more complex than that required for a professional electric oven, as the residues resulting from the combustion of wood are difficult to remove completely, without forgetting the time required.

Commercial electric oven for baking: Bull oven of Italforni

Bull: baking has never been so good

Bull is a model of commercial electric oven for baking that manages to combine practicality and high performance without neglecting the reduction in consumption and the different production and space needs of each activity.

In fact, Bull can be requested in different sizes in order to fit perfectly in any room.

The cooking chambers are built entirely of refractory material, with armored resistances of the “hy•pe” type inserted in the high-resistance refractory of both the cooking surface and the ceiling.

The user interface is presented as a single tempered glass surface consisting of a customized display from which you can easily set digital controls designed for the management of the oven and the leavening compartment.

In addition, the differentiated management of the temperature between the top and the hob takes place in a completely simple and intuitive way.

This allows to obtain an impeccable cooking with every type of food: from bread to pizza to desserts.

Bull is in fact a multifunction oven, suitable for optimizing work in pizzerias, but also in bakeries and even in pastry shops as the programs implemented and the addition of the steamer on each module are well suited to uniform cooking of different products.

Thanks to the high thermal insulation, guaranteed by high-performance materials, Bull offers maximum thermal efficiency and work safety as well as ensuring a temperature outside the oven that is around 30° C.

Perfect cooking for every dough

Making a good pizza and crunchy and soft bread at the right point, using flours of different cereals, mother yeast and fresh ingredients requires technique, knowledge of the raw material and an oven that is able to enhance the skilfully worked dough.

A good commercial electric oven for baking, technologically advanced and made with materials with excellent heat capacity, offers total control of the temperature and the ability to adjust it differently between the top and the floor.

This is why it is the ideal solution to ensure the perfect success of all those products which, such as bread and pizza, require uniform and easily adjustable temperatures inside the cooking chamber.

The thermal insulation achieved thanks to careful design and the use of quality materials results in a work environment in which it is pleasant to work and in lighter bills.

Ultimately, once you have chosen the best solution for your laboratory, all that remains is to put your hands in the dough and experiment with the different ingredients: the oven will do the rest.

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