Electric oven and design: Italforni aesthetics dictate the law in the kitchen

Commercial electric oven: functionality and design

A strong idea, a lot of technique, a good dose of passion and a place studied in detail to be welcoming and functional.

These are the ingredients needed to transform an anonymous dinner in a pizzeria or a short break in a pastry shop into a unique experience for your customers.

Given the large number of venues in cities today, the great competition in the catering sector and the constant desire for novelty on the part of customers, the environment and furnishings of your venue are not factors to be underestimated.

Indeed, they can influence the choice of a potential customer and ensure that those who are already loyal come back.

For these reasons, when you decide to open your restaurant or renovate it, you will have to think about what are the trends of the moment and how these can be combined with the type of customers you have, where you are and your vision. of business. The environment in which you work, in fact, must reflect your personality and at the same time be practical and functional.

In order for the place to be different from that of your competitors and easily identifiable and memorable by your customers, it is necessary to immediately identify the focal point of the room. That is, the first place your customers’ eyes should stop when they enter your world. Once identified, you can build the rest of the project around it.

The professional design electric oven is often the right element to highlight, especially in pizzerias it immediately becomes the undisputed protagonist of the room.

But how to choose a reliable model, with high performance during cooking and at the same time able to adapt to the type of furniture you have in mind for your restaurant?

Below we will see which strategy to adopt, what is the current trend and which Italforni proposal can be right for you.

Let’s go.

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Open kitchen: when the design electric oven makes the difference

As we have seen, the design electric oven is the ideal object to be the focal point of your project.

The entire room, accessories, furniture and furnishings must be organized around the oven in order to complete the decor. The focal point, by its nature, must be able to be grasped from any point of view, thus assuming the role of the protagonist of the space, while having to integrate with the other elements.

The professional oven can be immediately visible at the entrance of the room or not. In the latter case, it can still be highlighted thanks to lights and furnishing accessories or it can be raised above the floor.

The important thing is always to highlight the operator and his gestures, so as to show the customer how to prepare the leavened products and create a more cordial relationship.

Customers love to see what happens in the kitchen and how the food they will enjoy is prepared.

Therefore, setting up an open kitchen has a double advantage:

  • Respond to a trend in vogue at the moment
  • Build trust in your customers

In fact, having an open kitchen means maximum cleanliness of the environment, order and concentration of the staff.

In addition, especially for pizzerias, having a design electric oven, which is in line with the style of the place, definitely contributes to making the environment a more professional, yet familiar and convivial place.

Remember that customers want first of all to eat well, but also to have a unique and pleasant experience.

This is why making them feel comfortable with an open kitchen can be a good way to encourage them to relax, to stay longer in your place and consequently to consume more.
The complementary elements, which will have to integrate with the focal element, on which you will have to focus your attention to give more character and identity to your place are: the sign, the counter and all those small details that will contribute to making the restaurant unique and recognizable your decor.

Industrial: the trend to win over your customers

In recent years, clean and essential lines combined with a few elements, provided they are linear and design, have established themselves in the field of design and furniture.

Industrial is the dominant style of the moment characterized by shades of gray, exposed bricks and pipes, mechanical elements, pendant light bulbs and worn woods. Industrial furniture with its metropolitan character is characterizing both the new premises and the renovations of old businesses. With a basic and functional design, in some cases minimal, this trend tends to recreate the severe and vintage atmosphere of the factories of the past.

After all, the gastronomic experience in recent years is increasingly linked to the social one. What does it mean? That the more your restaurant is instagrammable, that is, it has a type of furniture suitable for being photographed and shared on social media, the more it will attract the attention of potential new customers.

Each furniture choice can therefore turn into a successful photo of your venue on Instagram and Facebook, giving you the opportunity to get visibility and consequently free advertising. The industrial style, particularly photogenic by its nature, lends itself perfectly to this purpose.

To recreate the perfect factory or abandoned warehouse atmosphere, the ideal would be to have large rooms, where you can insert original elements, perhaps even bulky ones, such as disused assembly lines or parts of gears.

Brushed metal seats, steel beams and leather details are the essential elements to complete this trend.

To impress your customers and insert industrial details you can leverage these three elements:

  1. Cement tiles: the insertion of cement tiles on the walls or floor, perhaps alternating with portions of parquet or wood-effect laminate, is increasingly widespread in the furnishing of commercial premises, always creating nteresting contrasts
  2. Pendant lamps: the lamps that fall from above and leave the long cables that support them exposed are an excellent solution for lighting the counter, einterpreted in a modern and industrial key
  3. Electric design oven: choosing a good professional oven that can offer you quick and perfect cooking is not enough in this case. You will need to consider a freestanding oven that can adapt perfectly to the type of furniture you choose. In the case of the industrial, it must have clean lines and vintage references with elements made of wood and metal.

If to furnish your restaurant you have decided to opt for the atmosphere of the old Chicago and you cannot find the open oven that integrates perfectly into an industrial environment, Italforni has thought of a solution for you.

Commercial electric oven: visor of Italforni

Visor: a hi-tech soul enclosed in an industrial body

Matt black finish heated by painted wood details. Visor is the Italforni proposal specially designed to integrate into modern, industrial and design contexts. With clean and soft lines, Italforni’s Visor combines aesthetics, power, precision and efficiency.

Available in three different styles, Visor is a modular electric oven for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries, extremely versatile precisely because it was designed to transform and adapt to the need.

Starting from the basic model, you can customize it to your liking by equipping it with accessories such as the hood and side covers, so as to adapt it perfectly to your needs.

Thanks to its industrial soul, the user interface is presented as a single surface consisting of a customized display, where design and ease of use play a fundamental role.

A comfortable heat-resistant handle in solid wood combined with a tempered glass that runs through the opening door along its entire length, allow you to always have a complete and practical view of the entire cooking chamber.

Visor therefore presents itself as a single multifunction oven capable of offering you great performance thanks to:

  • Cooking chamber completely lined with refractory material
  • Hype armored resistances inserted in the refractory surface and visible ceiling resistors
  • Separate electronic power adjustment between top and floor controlled and easily set by the operator for flawless cooking with any type of food
  • Possibility of reaching temperatures up to 450 ° C
  • Ultra heating speed
  • Production up to 9 pizzas with a diameter of 35 cm for each cooking chamber or 4 trays of 40×60 cm
  • Digital controls designed for the management of the oven and the leavening compartment, with function icons and touch keys
  • Possibility to insert the Kit for abatement of vapors and odors

With Visor, therefore, you will have at your disposal maximum aesthetics combined with efficiency.

To conclude: uncompromising functionality and aesthetics

Remember that before starting to design your place and giving free rein to your imagination, it is important to do a study based on the type of clientele you intend to reach, on the place where you are and on the type of place. Based on the results obtained, you can start choosing the right furniture items that will help you stand out from your competitors.

If customization is the watchword to be able to differentiate, it is also true that knowing the trends of the moment is necessary in order to make them your own and reinvent them.

The industrial-style furniture with its exposed bricks, rough furniture and neutral tones can prove to be particularly attractive for customers, especially those who are particularly attentive to trends and involved on social media.

Here the electric design oven is transformed from a simple instrument to a furnishing element that is the protagonist of the room as well as the focal point of the entire room.

Visor by Italforni, thanks to the essential lines, the linear and design elements and the careful planning of every single detail, manages to fit perfectly into different contexts.

Especially in the industrial one where the cold tones of this style are warmed by the mix of metal and wood that make the environment warmer and more welcoming.

Italforni allows you to combine practicality and aesthetics in a single design electric oven so that you do not have to compromise in the furnishing of your restaurant.

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