Technology and design in pizzeria: the best Italforni professional electric ovens

Professional lectric ovens: technology and design in pizzeria

Professional electric ovens are obviously fundamental tools for pizzerias, but not only for what concerns the cooking of pizzas. In fact, pizzerias with an open oven have the ability to instantly communicate the quality of the product they make, attracting customers thanks to a simple look at the professional design oven and the work of the pizza chef.

In this article we will talk about the innovations in technology and design of professional electric ovens. We will start by talking about the importance of design in the construction of pizza ovens, to understand how the ability to make excellent cooking in a comfortable way and the aesthetic aspect of the instrument come together, thus managing to make the most of the professional environment.

We will continue by deepening the technological innovations present in professional electric ovens for pizzerias, mainly aimed at saving energy and adding features that facilitate cooking management.

We will then make a brief summary of the crucial factors to consider when choosing an excellent professional electric pizza oven, which mainly concern cooking performance, productivity, energy consumption and ease of use.

Finally, we will take a look at the most innovative Italforni solutions: cutting-edge cooking tools in terms of technology and design, capable of furnishing rooms, facilitating pizza chefs and making the most of the product being baked.

We will therefore try to provide in this short article a guide to choosing the professional oven, trying to understand the importance of the various factors involved, starting with the one that is very often overlooked, the design.

Professional electric ovens: the importance of design in pizzeria

The importance of design in professional ovens

Design is a fundamental aspect in the design of professional tools, since it consists in the art of combining functional needs, to facilitate the work of operators as much as possible, with great care in the aesthetic aspect, essential for creating a professional environment capable of attract customers.

The process of making food is by nature a very powerful magnet for people’s attention, and together with an electric design oven, able to communicate the concepts of power, solidity, sturdiness and excellent cooking, we can give life to real own cooking shows in our pizzeria.

One of the main purposes of the design of professional ovens concerns functional needs, for example in creating solutions aimed at reducing the risk of burns (such as different materials to cover handles and doors), or to work more comfortably (for example in ovens that include the side shovel holder or the leavening compartment under the baking chambers).

The functional aspects are very important because they help pizza chefs directly, but even more important are the design features of the professional oven that affect cooking performance. It is in fact the task of the design to harmoniously combine all the components necessary to create an excellent instrument, choosing the best construction materials and carefully designing every aspect of the professional oven.

To give an example, the construction of the firing chamber in refractory stone is essential to improve thermal performance, or the use of steel armored electric resistances, to avoid the risk of damaging them with impacts from the blade. Other examples of design functional to the thermal performance of the oven are the design of thermally insulated doors or double tempered glass, which limit the dispersion of heat, thus reducing the consumption of the oven.

The functional aspects and those related to thermal performance are the most important to determine the quality of the cooking of our pizzas, while those who choose to work with the pizzeria on sight to offer a complete experience to their customers will also have to take into account the aspect aesthetic design of the cooking tool.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, the aesthetics of the professional oven in an open pizzeria also serves as a marketing tool. We can furnish our rooms with a cooking tool capable of capturing attention and communicating to customers the passion we put into our work and the great quality of the pizza they are about to eat.

The design is therefore a fundamental aspect in the evaluation of professional electric ovens, since we must look for a tool that has all the advantages we have just talked about, that is a design that favors the functional aspects, those related to cooking performance and aesthetic ones for the room furnishings.

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Innovative professional electric ovens

In modern professional electric ovens there is not only an innovative design but also the evolution of the technologies adopted to ensure excellent cooking performance, aimed at creating more functional and efficient tools.

The main challenge for technological innovations in professional electric ovens is to create cooking tools with excellent thermal performance, but with low energy consumption.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, another important goal of technological innovation is to facilitate pizza chefs in the practical management of cooking. The introduction of digital functions, such as the possibility of controlling the oven with a smartphone, goes in this direction.

Professional electric ovens are also capital goods and can therefore enjoy tax benefits, extended in the case of 4.0 tools up to 50%, as we have detailed in another article of our blog in which we explain how to save up to 74% on the purchase of a new professional oven.

Choosing a professional oven that is innovative in terms of functionality and design is therefore a great way to give your pizzeria an edge, both to create a more welcoming environment for customers and for production efficiency.

How to choose an excellent professional electric oven

We saw in the first two paragraphs that design and technological innovation are two fundamental aspects in professional electric ovens.

Let’s now complete the discussion on the guide to choosing this type of cooking tool, briefly analyzing the other parameters to be evaluated in order to choose a professional oven of excellent quality. The main points concern:

  1. Reduced consumption
  2. Uniformity of cooking
  3. Production efficiency
  4. Practicality of use

Let’s see what are the characteristics to look for for each of the points listed.

technology and design in pizzeria: Bull by Italforni

1. Reduced consumption

The new generation professional electric ovens can outperform gas ovens in terms of efficiency, thanks to the development of technologies aimed at reducing consumption, for example with the stand-by mode, which allows to reduce almost to zero the heat thrust necessary to maintain high temperature.

Until a few years ago, the average high consumption of energy necessary for the operation of the professional electric oven often favored the choice of gas ovens, usually cheaper. However, technological progress has significantly lowered the energy consumption of professional electric ovens, considerably reducing the operating cost of this type of instrument.

Another important variable to take into account for the next few years is the uncertain trend in the price of gas, while it is now clear that we need to push the accelerator more and more on renewable energy sources. Equipping your premises with a renewable energy source is in fact one of the best ways to reduce the operating costs of the electric oven and all other energy consumption of the business.

2. Uniformity of cooking

The second parameter necessary to evaluate the quality of a professional oven is the uniformity of cooking in the various areas of the floor. This factor is in fact very important to always guarantee the best possible quality of the product, since we will have a simpler cooking management for the pizza chef.

In fact, an oven that cooks uniformly in all areas does not have large differences in temperatures between the pizzas cooked in the oven and those at the bottom, which is a typical feature of all pizza ovens but which in some cases has such differences as to become problems.

3. Production efficiency

The third factor that we take into consideration is the productivity of the cooking tool, that is the quantity of pizzas that I can cook in a given period of time, using the same amount of space or using the same amount of energy.

Production efficiency is in fact the most important factor from an economic point of view, since the oven is one of the main fixed costs of the pizzeria. It is therefore necessary to look for a tool that can guarantee a large amount of cooking, without sacrificing a lot of space and without making the bill rise too much.

Technology and design in pizzeria with a professional electric oven. Display of Diamond: practicality of use

4. Practicality of use

Finally, the practical aspect is extremely important for those who have to manually cook pizzas. The technology and design of the innovative professional electric ovens allows pizza chefs to optimize their efforts and to cook more pizzas in a more comfortable way, thanks to a simplified management of the cooking process.

To evaluate the practicality of use, we can also take into consideration the presence of accessories useful for managing work in the pizzeria, for example the presence of the leavening compartment under the cooking chambers or the quality of the fume extraction hood in the upper part of the oven.

Choosing a quality professional electric oven therefore means evaluating multiple aspects overall, also considering that needs vary according to the contexts of use.

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Italforni solutions for innovative and design electrical instruments

In this article we talked about the importance of design in professional electric ovens, a fundamental aspect for identifying quality tools and very important especially for pizzerias with the oven in sight of customers.

We then saw what are the technological innovations that characterize the latest generation electric ovens, tools that allow you to increase production efficiency, that is, able to guarantee better thermal performance with lower energy consumption and simplified cooking management.

We then explored the parameters to be evaluated in order to choose the best professional electric ovens for pizzerias, relating to low energy consumption, cooking quality, production efficiency and ease of use.

We just have to conclude this article with a quick look at Italforni’s innovative professional electric ovens. The last three models born from our research include the best of the technological innovations we have talked about and have an extremely refined and modern design.

All three can also include the leavening cell and can guarantee great energy efficiency despite the high temperatures they are able to reach (up to 450 ° C), thanks to the construction of the baking chambers in refractory stone.

The three professional electric ovens we are talking about are:

  1. Visor
  2. Diamond
  3. Bull

Let’s briefly explore their characteristics.

Technology and design in pizzeria with Italforni: Visor

1. Visor

The Visor oven is the most widely customizable in terms of production capacity and external equipment. Depending on the needs, it is in fact possible to choose between two different sizes (from 6 or 9 pizzas of 35 cm in diameter per baking) and from 1 to 3 cooking chambers.

Depending on the working context, it is then possible to choose the Visor oven in three different configurations:

  • The oven with basic extractor hood
  • The oven with a high-performance design hood
  • The oven with the design hood and the addition of side covers.

The digital controls on the practical touch screen, with touch keys (easy to clean), allow you to manage the heat boost from the bottom and top separately, as well as to independently adjust the settings of the different cooking chambers, in order to carry out very different firings at the same time in a single tool.

The Visor oven is therefore an ideal professional tool for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops that want to focus on flexibility and ease of use.

Design and technology in pizzeria with a professional electric oven: Diamond by Italforni

2. Diamond

The Diamond oven is our most innovative design model, characterized by an external cover in recyclable aluminum which, in addition to giving a remarkable scenic effect with its facets reminiscent of precious stones (available in four different colors), also serves as additional insulation. of the instrument.

The possibility of adding this cover also to the rear of the oven makes Diamond an ideal electric oven for installation in the center of the room, with a panoramic design from all points of view, instead of leaning against the wall as is usually the case. This solution is increasingly widespread and appreciated in exclusive and prestigious contexts, which also focus heavily on the enhancement of the location as an integral part of the customer experience.

As for the production capacity, it is possible to choose from one to three cooking chambers with a capacity of nine pizzas. Each cooking chamber and the leavening compartment have a practical touch screen that allows you to easily adjust all types of settings.

Professional electric oven in pizzeria: Bull by Italforni: technology and design

3. Bull

The third innovative electric oven we mention is Bull, the oven in steel and tempered glass, extremely customizable in colors using the special Web Configurator for Bull.

As for the capacity, Bull is available in four different sizes (S – M – L – XL), between 6 and 12 pizzas per batch. The touch screen that allows you to easily manage the settings of the cooking chambers and the leavening compartment is presented as one with the glass coating of the oven, creating an aesthetic effect capable of enhancing the robust lines of the Bull oven design .

The possibility of adding the steamer in each cooking chamber makes Bull an oven also suitable for bakeries and pastry shops, as well as being ideal for pizzerias.

To make a better comparison between Visor, Diamond and Bull it is possible to consult the catalog dedicated to the three innovative Italforni professional electric ovens, in which you will find more information on our three electric ovens with the most modern design and the most advanced technologies, able to facilitate pizza makers and guarantee excellent cooking.

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