Electric pizza oven, how to choose the best one?

Electric pizza oven. How to choose the best one

When choosing an electric pizza oven, there are several variables to consider. Discover all the factors to evaluate before making a purchase.

Productive efficiency, degree of technological innovation, and ease of use are just some of the factors that affect the choice of the model that best meets one’s needs.

Moreover, the market today offers increasingly advanced solutions in terms of innovation, energy consumption, and cooking performance. The latter, in particular, has nothing to envy to traditional wood-fired ovens.

In fact, the most modern professional electric pizza ovens offer numerous advantages such as easy installation, ease of use, and the possibility of managing the temperature of the cooking chamber with extreme precision.

Let’s discover what to consider before buying an electric pizza oven and which are the best models on the market to facilitate the work of pizza makers, even during the busiest evenings!

Let’s begin.

Electric pizza oven: Bull by Italforni

What are the advantages of an electric oven for cooking pizza?

The growing success of professional electric pizza ovens is certainly linked to the numerous advantages that this type of oven can offer, which can be found in:

  1. Quick installation (and reduced size) compared to traditional wood-fired ovens
  2. Automatic temperature management with the possibility of regulating it differently between top and bottom heating elements
  3. Versatility in cooking different types of pizza: Neapolitan, Roman, gourmet, etc.
  4. Quick cleaning, as there are no combustion residues to remove
  5. Ease of maintenance

Ease of use is certainly one of the reasons that more and more businesses prefer these solutions over classic wood-fired ovens, which require qualified personnel for use.

In fact, not all restaurateurs can rely on experienced staff to manage the oven.

Opting for a technologically advanced electric pizza oven solves this problem. In fact, this type of oven:

  • Is easily usable even by those who are new to it
  • Allows intuitive, quick and precise modulation and regulation of the top and bottom heating temperatures

Today, some professional electric pizza ovens are able to reach the same temperatures as the best wood-fired ovens. But with the great advantage of being able to maintain them constantly, allowing impeccably cooked pizzas with reduced energy consumption.

The most modern solutions are often equipped with pre-set cooking programs, Hi-Tech functions, and practical accessories designed specifically to facilitate work.

Examples of these are the proofing chamber and the steam generator, which can simplify the cooking process and improve the quality of the final product.

In addition, professional electric ovens can meet the needs of different types of business activities, from small ones with few customers, perhaps just starting out, to those in strong expansion that require solutions capable of cooking many pizzas in a short time with low energy consumption.

Electric pizza oven: Diamond by Italforni

What to consider when choosing an electric pizza oven?

In the next 10 years, the market for electric pizza ovens is expected to continue to expand. It’s no surprise given the numerous advantages that these cooking tools offer, but what distinguishes the most advanced models and what to consider when choosing an electric pizza oven?

The best electric pizza ovens on the market differ mainly in:

  • The degree of innovation and technology implemented
  • The quality of materials used in construction
  • The design

Models differ, therefore, in the type of functions and programs, the temperatures they can reach, the capacity of the cooking chamber, and the structure.

It goes without saying that the best solution is the one that possesses all the technical and aesthetic requirements best suited to meet the specific needs of one’s pizzeria.

In general, however, there are some characteristics that a good professional electric pizza oven should have, such as:

  1. Adequate size and productive efficiency for one’s activity
  2. Technological innovation and useful programs to ensure impeccable results
  3. Uniform cooking
  4. Ease of use
  5. Ease of maintenance
  6. Reduced energy consumption

When evaluating the purchase of a professional electric pizza oven, it’s also important to consider the dealer’s assistance network.

For example, the best professional oven manufacturers have qualified consultants located throughout the territory. These individuals are able to provide all the useful information to choose the model that best suits one’s needs.

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Which electric pizza oven to choose for a pizzeria?

Another element to consider when choosing an electric pizza oven is that there are different types, with two being the main ones:

  1. Modular electric ovens
  2. Tunnel electric ovens

The former are usually made with cooking chambers totally lined with refractory material and can be integrated with the steam generator function.

The latter have the advantage of allowing a gradual exchange of heat between the upper part of the dough and the core. The result is better leavening, ensuring lightness, crispiness, and digestibility of the products.

Tunnel ovens, on the other hand, are equipped with a conveyor belt on which the pizzas slide during the entire cooking process.

Initially designed for the food industry, today these solutions are also widespread in smaller businesses, thanks to the introduction of increasingly compact-sized models.

Electric pizza oven: Visor by Italforni

The best professional electric pizza ovens

Not all pizzerias have the same production needs, nor do they offer the same type of pizza to their customers.

Italforni, a company specialized in electric and gas ovens, has studied various proposals to meet the needs of each business, offering high cooking performance and low energy consumption.

All electric ovens in the range with a refractory floor feature armored Hype resistors inserted into the refractory material, reducing heat loss to the outside and cutting electric bills.

There are multiple models designed for pizzerias:

  • Visor and Diamond, which offer consistent and uniform cooking
  • Bull, a particularly versatile electric oven equipped with a digital temperature control system that can be managed remotely with a smartphone
  • Caruso®, the new electric pizza oven designed specifically for Neapolitan pizzerias that reaches up to 530°C. Designed to guarantee the same cooking performance as a wood-fired oven, but with all the advantages of the best electric ovens

Caruso® represents the ideal solution for making true Neapolitan pizza while increasing production capacity and containing energy consumption thanks to:

  1. “Refractory Stronger” technology used in the cooking chamber
  2. Certified Sorrento biscuit cooking surface, which releases heat evenly and consistently
  3. Hi-Tech functions suitable for all cooking needs
  4. Ability to store different temperature combinations

In conclusion, we can say that the best electric pizza oven is the one that can facilitate work and meet production needs, while offering impeccable cooking performance and an eye-catching design if the kitchen is in view.

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