The advantages of a professional triple-function oven

Professional triple-function oven

The professional triple-function oven, or combination oven, uses steam production to cook food. Discover all the advantages it offers.

Professional ovens designed for the food industry are becoming increasingly advanced and technologically advanced. The latest models meet strict quality parameters and are designed to combine optimal results, maximize energy savings, and increase safety.

In particular, the professional triple-function oven represents a solution that is increasingly appreciated by various businesses for its versatility. It can, in fact, adapt to every type of cuisine and is easy to use even by less experienced staff.

The main characteristic of combination ovens is that they offer the possibility of adding steam during cooking. By producing both dry and humid heat, they are suitable for a wide range of cooking, even very different from each other. They can thus perfectly meet the needs of delis, bakeries, patisseries, and catering services.

Let’s take a closer look at how triple-function ovens work and what advantages they offer.

What is a professional triple-function oven?

The professional triple-function oven is a tool that uses 3 elements for cooking:

  1. Heat
  2. Steam
  3. Ventilation

Also known as a combination oven (or steam convection oven), the triple-function oven allows you to produce and manage the percentage of steam based on the dishes to be cooked. This makes it possible to create optimal conditions for the preparation of different recipes.

Professional triple-function ovens offer the possibility to:

  • Cook without humidity: for recipes that require grilling, browning, or dehydration
  • Cook with mixed heat (with a minimum percentage of humidity): to prepare roasts, braised dishes, or some pastry preparations
  • Cook with steam (with a high percentage of humidity in the cooking chamber): creating optimal conditions for vacuum-sealing, regeneration or long and steam cooking

Combination ovens, therefore, represent a valid solution for all those professionals who operate in the gastronomy, pastry, bakery, fast food, and hotel industries, who require versatile tools capable of generating steam.

What are the types of electric ovens?

Professional electric ovens are particularly appreciated for the versatility of the cooking they offer, the implementation of cutting-edge technology, reliability, and ease of use.

Another plus not to be underestimated is the ease of installation: it is sufficient to plug it into the power outlet to start experimenting with the many cooking possibilities.

Electric ovens are also very easy to clean. In fact, there are no combustion residues to remove (as in wood ovens), and very often, they are equipped with automatic cleaning programs.

On the market, it is possible to find different models that differ mostly based on capacity, design, level of technological innovation, temperature they can reach, and functions they are equipped with.

However, electric ovens are divided based on the cooking mode. The main types are:

  1. Static ovens: food is cooked thanks to the heat generated by the electric resistances in the cooking chamber
  2. Forced convection or fan-assisted ovens: one or more fans generate an air flow inside the cooking chamber. This allows for better heat distribution and greater penetration into the food
  3. Triple-function ovens: combine the ventilated function with that of humidity control. This makes them particularly versatile. They can, in fact, carry out both aggressive cooking (such as grilling) and more delicate ones (such as steam cooking)

Based on their structure, professional electric ovens can be divided into:

  • Modular electric ovens with multiple chambers: composed of multiple stacked cooking chambers
  • Tunnel electric ovens: the product to be cooked passes through the entire structure of the oven on a conveyor belt and comes out perfectly cooked

Considering the size of one’s business and the type of product offered, it is possible to identify the professional electric oven with the characteristics that best suit one’s needs and goals.

Roast meat cooked in a triple-function oven

What are the differences between a convection oven and a fan-assisted oven?

As we have just seen, a convection oven is a fan-assisted oven.

This means that hot air is circulated inside the cooking chamber thanks to fans that generate convective motions. In this way, the internal temperature is uniform at every level of the tray position.

The advantages of a fan-assisted oven compared to a static one are multiple:

  • Greater cooking uniformity
  • Possibility to manage different foods simultaneously, as the circulation of air prevents the mixing of odors and flavors inside the cooking chamber
  • Superior energy savings

Convection models are the ideal ovens for those who operate in the gastronomy and pastry sectors, thanks to the precision of the cooking.

The advantages of a professional triple-function oven

Professional triple-function ovens represent an evolution of the fan-assisted ovens we have just seen.

They combine all the advantages of the fan-assisted oven with the function of steam, thus offering a wide range of possibilities in the kitchen.

The main advantages of using a professional triple-function oven are:

  1. Versatility
  2. Reduction of cooking times
  3. Energy savings
  4. Optimization of the work of the kitchen brigade, which operates in a more dynamic and organized way

Modern multifunction combined ovens are characterized by a series of state-of-the-art automatisms that make them easy and intuitive to use, as well as extremely precise in cooking.

What makes the professional triple-function oven an indispensable tool for daily work in the kitchen are:

  • Impeccable cooking results
  • Efficiency in consumption
  • Reliability
  • Possibility of programming
  • Realization of both manual and automatic cooking

Usually, this type of oven is equipped with an automatic cleaning function. Thanks to a convenient self-cleaning system, it guarantees maximum hygiene and considerable time savings for the staff.

Professional triple-function oven: Totem by Italforni

How to choose the best triple-function oven

Choosing the best professional triple-function oven for one’s business is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Industry-leading companies such as Italforni provide their customers with a team of specialized consultants to assist professionals in choosing the perfect professional oven for each activity.

The models designed by Italforni can adapt to any kitchen or laboratory, always guaranteeing high cooking performance, reliability, modularity, efficiency, and ease of use.

Totem is one of the Italforni solutions designed for delicatessens but capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding bakeries and pastry shops as well.

It offers very high functionality, such as Delta T cooking, and consists of:

  • A direct injection fan-assisted oven with adjustable fan speed and humidity control
  • A static oven with an aluminum-coated steel cooking chamber and a refractory cooking surface

These features make it a particularly versatile oven for different types of cooking, as well as practical to use and clean (thanks to the integrated automatic washing system).
Choosing a cutting-edge professional oven like Totem offers the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and enhance the chef’s professionalism.

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