Pizza ovens, how to choose the right ones?

Pizza ovens, how to choose the right ones?

Professional pizza ovens differ in terms of power supply, technology, and consumption. Discover which ones are most suitable for your business.

The most modern pizza ovens have evolved, equipped with advanced technology, and designed to minimize consumption.

In addition to delivering exceptional cooking performance, they are designed to be easy to clean and program, thus facilitating the work of both experienced and less experienced pizzaiolos.

While the quality of materials and careful design are important factors to consider when purchasing, the oven’s design should not be overlooked, especially if the kitchen is visible.

With numerous options available on the market, with different power sources and technical features, choosing the most suitable professional pizza oven for your business is not always easy.

Let’s explore the characteristics of the different models available, their efficiency, and the latest industry innovations, in order to bake perfectly cooked pizzas while optimizing both consumption and work.

Secrets to finding the ideal pizza oven

Secrets to finding the ideal pizza oven

In order to choose the best professional pizza oven for your business, it is essential to consider the type and quantity of pizzas that need to be baked per hour.

On the market, you can find ovens with one or more cooking chambers that can bake 60 pizzas per hour, as well as 150 in larger models. Choosing the right size is important because it allows for quick service to customers while optimizing consumption.

Depending on the type of pizza you want to create, achieving impeccable cooking results requires the oven to effectively manage heat. That’s why investing in models made with quality materials and advanced technology can make a huge difference between one cooking tool and another.

Once you have determined the appropriate size and excellent construction quality, it’s important to consider: the necessary programs to facilitate daily work, the level of maintenance required, and the design that best suits your establishment (especially if the kitchen is visible).

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Comparison between electric and gas ovens for pizzerias

The next-generation electric pizza ovens are currently among the most sought-after models by industry professionals, thanks to their built-in automations, ease of use, and high cooking performance.

Recent technological advancements have enabled these ovens to reach very high temperatures, up to 530°C, while consuming reduced energy. An example of this is the Caruso® electric pizza oven by Italforni.

The major advantage of electric ovens is their precise temperature control, which can be differentiated between the top and bottom (in some models) and can be adjusted according to the type of dough. Modern solutions also offer pre-set cooking programs, automatic ignition, and pyrolytic cleaning.

Similar to gas-powered ovens, electric ovens are extremely convenient as they require low maintenance and are easy to clean.

Gas ovens, on the other hand, share the same level of convenience, requiring low maintenance and being easy to clean. The main characteristic of gas ovens is their static cooking, which allows products to rise at the correct times and in the correct manner. Powered by LPG or natural gas, gas pizza ovens offer intuitive and immediate temperature management and have the advantage of reaching the operating temperature quickly.

Thermal efficiency and cooking performance of pizza ovens

Thermal efficiency and cooking performance of pizza ovens

To reach the correct temperature, some pizza ovens need to be turned on one or two hours before service and then remain operational for several hours.

Considering the increasing costs of electricity and gas in recent times, it becomes crucial to choose the latest generation models that can contain consumption.

The best professional pizza ovens have high thermal efficiency, thanks to quality materials and innovative components that ensure durability and resistance even at high temperatures, while delivering optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Italforni pizza ovens, for example, incorporate specific structural features designed to maximize thermal performance and energy savings, such as:

  • Standby mode, which saves energy during periods of inactivity
  • Heat management function that optimizes energy usage towards the end of service
  • “Heating Speed” technology that accelerates the oven’s heating process while minimizing energy consumption
  • Thermal Insulation and Strong Isolation features that enhance the oven’s thermal insulation and minimize heat loss

But how much does an electric pizza oven consume? Typically, the average consumption for a 4-pizza capacity electric oven ranges from 4.6 kW to 6 kW.

Maintenance and durability of pizza ovens

Maintenance and durability of pizza ovens

Compared to traditional wood-fired ovens, modern electric and gas pizza ovens do not require significant energy expenditure for maintenance.

Regarding cleaning, it is sufficient to remove any flour residue or debris from the cooking surface and beneath the oven door using a small brush at the end of the day. Some electric ovens also offer a convenient automatic cleaning program with pyrolytic function.

In addition to offering excellent performance and functionality, the best pizza ovens are made with high-quality materials and components that ensure durability and resistance to high temperatures, wear, and the passage of time.

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What are the best pizza oven brands on the market?

For over forty years, Italforni has been handcrafting pizza ovens with utmost attention to every construction detail. They use only the finest materials and the latest available technologies in order to deliver the best possible results.

Electric ovens like Caruso, Visor, Diamond, and Bull combine innovation, technology, and aesthetics with maximum energy efficiency, while still reaching the high temperatures required to cook any type of pizza, including Neapolitan.

In Italforni’s wide range of offerings, modular gas ovens for pizzerias can also be found, such as the Eco-Gas model. Practical to use and quick to reach the operating temperature, this oven provides excellent cooking results with reduced energy consumption.

Italforni pizza ovens, representing the best of Made in Italy, are synonymous with quality, versatility, efficiency, design, and long-lasting cooking performance.

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