What are the best professional electric ovens?

What are the best professional electric ovens?

The latest generation of professional electric ovens combines cutting-edge technology with design. Discover the most advanced models in the Italforni range.

Choosing an oven made with quality materials and a strong visual impact is important, especially for businesses with an open kitchen. An oven suitable for display inside the establishment not only attracts customers but also highlights the skill of the pizzaiolo. A well-designed oven not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also increases its functionality.

However, it’s not just the design that characterizes the most modern professional electric ovens. The advanced models offer numerous functions and advantages. For example, they allow for energy savings, increased comfort for the pizzaiolo, and independent management of the settings for top and bottom heating elements.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the most innovative professional electric ovens, the offerings from Italforni, and how to save on your purchase.

What features should a good professional electric oven have?

Design is a fundamental aspect in the design of professional electric ovens. It allows combining functional needs (to facilitate the work of operators) with aesthetic aspects (essential for creating an environment that attracts customers).

One of the main purposes of the design of professional ovens concerns functional needs intended to work more comfortably and safely. Examples of this are the specific materials used to cover handles and doors, or solutions equipped with side tray holders or proving chambers beneath the baking chambers.

The construction of the baking chamber with refractory stone is crucial to improve the thermal performance of the professional oven.

Meanwhile, the installation of thermally insulated doors and the use of double tempered glass limit heat loss, thus reducing oven consumption.

Therefore, design affects not only the aesthetics of the oven but also its practicality and cooking performance.

Why choose a professional electric oven?

Choosing the right oven is crucial to ensure excellent pizza quality and operational efficiency in the business.

Design and technological innovation are two fundamental aspects to look for in professional electric ovens. However, they are not the only elements to consider when purchasing a new oven for your business.

The models available on the market differ in size, types of functions, temperatures they can reach, and the number of baking chambers.

Therefore, the best professional electric oven is the one that possesses all the requirements that best meet the specific needs of your business.

Let’s now take a detailed look at the advantages that a good professional electric oven should be able to guarantee.

Why choose a professional electric oven? Reduced energy consumption

Reduced energy consumption

The next-generation professional electric ovens can surpass gas ovens in efficiency, thanks to the development of technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption. An example of this is the standby mode, which allows for almost zero heat output required to maintain high temperatures.

Furthermore, technological advancements have significantly lowered the energy consumption of professional electric ovens, resulting in greatly reduced operating costs. Consider the availability of new materials that provide high thermal insulation or the ability to maintain a constant operating temperature.

Moreover, the new generation electric ovens are equipped with thicker refractory hearths and Hype armored heating elements. These features not only distribute heat more effectively but also optimize energy consumption and prevent wastage.

Uniform cooking

One necessary parameter to evaluate the quality of a professional oven is the uniformity of cooking across different areas of the baking surface. This factor is indeed crucial to consistently ensure high product quality.

Technology, construction materials, and armored heating elements: each component of the most modern professional electric ovens is meticulously designed for this purpose.

In fact, some models are equipped with sensors on the baking surface that can self-regulate the temperature, ensuring it remains constant and uniform.

In professional electric ovens, setting the temperature is easy and fast thanks to the control panel. This detail greatly simplifies oven management. Once the desired temperature is set, it will be maintained consistently across all areas and throughout the duration of operation.

Productivity efficiency

Another factor to consider is the productivity of different professional ovens available on the market. This refers to the quantity of pizzas that can be baked within a specific period of time, using the same amount of energy.

Productivity efficiency is indeed one of the most important elements to consider from an economic standpoint.

Since the oven represents one of the main fixed costs for a pizzeria, it is necessary to find a tool that suits the pace of work. In other words, a tool capable of ensuring proper production capacity without sacrificing too much space and without significantly increasing the utility bill.

Why choose a professional electric oven? Ease of use

Ease of use

Lastly, practicality is extremely important for those who have to manually bake pizzas.
The technology and design of innovative professional ovens allow pizzaiolos to optimize their efforts by baking more pizzas in a more convenient manner. This is achieved through simplified management of the cooking process.

To assess usability, we can also consider the presence of accessories that facilitate work management in a pizzeria. Examples include the proving chamber beneath the baking chambers and the quality of the smoke extraction hood at the top of the oven.

Choosing a quality professional electric oven, therefore, involves evaluating multiple aspects comprehensively. However, it should always be considered that needs may vary depending on the specific usage context.

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The best professional electric ovens: 4 Italforni solutions

For over forty years, Italforni has invested in research and development to offer professional electric ovens that are constantly up to date.

Cutting-edge design and technology characterize the four electric ovens: Caruso, Visor, Diamond, and Bull. These solutions are designed to improve the work of pizzaiolos by combining innovation and aesthetics with maximum energy efficiency.

This is made possible by using only the best materials, the latest technologies available on the market, and paying attention to every construction detail.

Each model can include a proving chamber and reach high temperatures thanks to the construction of baking chambers with refractory stone.

The four best professional electric ovens in the Italforni range are:

  1. Caruso®;
  2. Visor;
  3. Diamond;
  4. Bull.

Let’s briefly delve into their characteristics.

1. Caruso®, the electric oven for Neapolitan pizza

Caruso® is the professional electric oven designed for Neapolitan pizza, offering the same performance as a traditional wood-fired oven, reaching temperatures of up to 530°C.

Designed in collaboration with master pizzaiolos, engineers, and technicians, it embodies the latest generation of technology. Caruso® features a certified Sorrento biscuit baking surface, a 65K touch screen technology, and a dry proving chamber with temperature regulation.

The baking chamber is lined with refractory material, with the internal sides protected by a break-resistant steel sheet. Additionally, with Hyper P-Heating, it allows for separate digital temperature control between the top and bottom of the oven.

Furthermore, Caruso® stands out from other electric ovens due to its high energy efficiency, consuming approximately 2 kilowatts less power.

Caruso®, the electric oven for Neapolitan pizza

2. Visor, the modular electric oven

The Visor electric oven is a highly customizable model in terms of production capacity and external setup. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two different sizes and from 1 to 3 cooking chambers.

The digital controls on the convenient touch screen allow you to separately manage the heat from the bottom and the top. Furthermore, you can independently adjust the settings of the different cooking chambers, allowing you to achieve very different cooking processes simultaneously in a single appliance.

Visor is, therefore, an ideal professional oven for pizzerias, bakeries, and pastry shops that want to focus on flexibility and ease of use.

Visor, the modular electric oven

3. Diamond, the panoramic design electric oven

The professional Diamond oven is among the most innovative models by Italforni in terms of design. Characterized by a recyclable aluminum outer covering, it creates a particularly scenic effect, thanks to facets reminiscent of precious stones.

The external casing, available in four different colors, not only offers an aesthetically appealing appearance but also serves as additional thermal insulation for the appliance.

The option to add the covering to the rear of the oven makes the Diamond model ideal for center-room installation. This solution is increasingly popular and appreciated in exclusive and prestigious settings that emphasize the enhancement of the location as an integral part of the customer experience.

Regarding production capacity, you can choose from one to three cooking chambers, each with the ability to cook nine pizzas. Each cooking chamber and the proofing cell feature a practical touch screen for easily adjusting all settings.

Diamond, the panoramic design electric oven

4. Bull, the glass-coated electric oven

Bull is a professional electric oven made of steel and tempered glass, highly customizable in terms of colors. Regarding capacity, it is available in four different sizes (S – M – L – XL), capable of baking from 6 to 12 pizzas per batch.

Thanks to the convenient touch screen, you can easily manage the settings of the cooking chambers and the proofing cell. Furthermore, the screen seamlessly integrates with the oven’s glass casing, creating an aesthetic effect that enhances the oven’s robust lines.

The option to add a steamer in each cooking chamber makes Bull a particularly versatile model. Perfect for pizzerias, as well as for bakeries and pastry shops.

Bull, the glass-coated electric oven

Which oven consumes the least?

Equipping your business with an Italforni professional electric oven means saving on both energy and labor costs.

Italforni’s ongoing innovation in designing cutting-edge solutions, unique in design, technology, and performance, allows the development of highly energy-efficient ovens.

Quality materials and the latest construction techniques enhance the thermal insulation of professional electric ovens, preventing heat loss.

The ability to choose from numerous state-of-the-art functions and the straightforward, intuitive temperature management improve the usability of Italforni electric ovens. This, in turn, facilitates the work of professionals and reduces labor-related costs.

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