Digital Masterclass with Alex Lo Stocco 

DECEMBER 13, 2023 – 3:00 PM


The exclusive live streaming format by Italforni dedicated to bakery professionals is back with Alex Lo Stocco, Brand Ambassador of Italforni, master pizza chef, and internationally renowned pizza consultant. In this second session, he will explore the features of the Caruso® oven.

A Digital Masterclass of over 2 hours will be streamed live, during which Alex will present new recipes and secrets for perfect cooking, navigating between Classic and Contemporary Pizza. This format is for all bakery professionals interested in delving into techniques and themes related to baking, and more. 
Alex will also address topics like dough, hydration, leavening, and how to achieve quality products by leveraging the technological features of the latest generation electric ovens.

This second appointment of the DIGITAL MASTERCLASS titled “CARUSO® – PIZZA, BETWEEN CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY” will explore the features of the Caruso® oven by Italforni, where technology, material quality, and design are combined in a single oven. On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at 3:00 PM, you can attend for free the live streaming by filling out the registration form on You will receive a link for the access to the Digital Masterclass, accessible from any PC or smartphone. Moreover, live interaction through questions and queries will be possible, to deepen the discussed topics.

This time, there’s an exciting chance: we will select the first 30 registered participants who wish to attend the Masterclass live, directly at the Italforni headquarters in Pesaro, to discover all the secrets of perfect cooking with a final tasting of the products.

An important project for ITALFORNI, which, together with ALEX LO STOCCO, aims to connect its many clients and bakery enthusiasts through technology and to introduce its products, their features, and peculiarities to an even wider audience, narrated by one of the best new masters of the Italian bakery art.

Availability is limited, so don’t miss out!
We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Italforni & Alex Lo Stocco