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The baker’s job is certainly not easy. It requires knowledge, imagination, consolidated technique and excellent raw materials. And these qualities, to turn into exceptional flavors, need the right tools. First of all the oven.

The oven plays a fundamental role in achieving superior quality results. Therefore, it must be evaluated carefully, choosing the producers and models that best suit your way of working, the quantities baked in the daily activity and the type of bread you want to offer to customers.

For 40 years, Italforni has been producing ovens for bakeries designed on the needs of professionals.

Is yours a large bakery or a small workshop?
Are you looking for particular techniques and flavors or are you more tied to tradition?
Do you need help from electronics or do you prefer a basic oven, immediate to use? Whatever you are looking for, we will be able to satisfy you.

Thanks to continuous investments in innovation and to a productive wisdom established over time, we create products with high performance, safe and lasting over time.

We want to simplify your work, so we are careful to only create ovens with easy and intuitive operation, even when the technology they contain is complex.

The compact design is designed to adapt to the limited spaces of small laboratories, without sacrificing the size of the cooking chambers. In this way you will be able to cook your favorite baked goods with no size limits, from the largest to the smallest.

Discover our bakery ovens

You can choose between electric or gas supply, static or ventilated cooking, modular with stackable chambers or single deck.

A pleasure to be completely baked

Your customers have always demanded the best. And today more than ever it demands something more than a good generic product: it wants a sensory experience.

For this reason, every day you select grains and yeasts, experiment with new recipes and re-elaborate the techniques of the past, until you get your exceptional products. In short, give the best of yourself by providing your customers with all the goodness, variety and fragrance that white art can give.

The oven must be up to this task.

Italforni guarantees ovens that make life easier for the baker: simple to use, robust, technically excellent.

Italforni guarantees ovens that make life easier for the baker: simple to use, robust, technically excellent.

Past Food is a modular electric oven, designed for static cooking, with digital temperature control, which can be differentiated between top and floor.

Windy is our solution for ventilated cooking, with humidity regulator and automatic washing. It is an extremely functional and technological product.

Both ovens, thanks to the use of quality materials and latest generation technologies, guarantee perfect and uniform cooking, while maintaining low consumption, in terms of both eco-sustainability and savings.

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