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Pompeii, dell’Antichità della Vitae del Vino e del Cibo

The Caruso oven was chosen for a special event in a breathtaking location, where history, culture and ancient traditions come together in the enchantment of a timeless place: Pompeii.

Digital Masterclass with Alex Lo Stocco 

The third exclusive live streaming format by Italforni dedicated to bakery professionals is back with Alex Lo Stocco.

Visor races in Formula Uno Customers

Our VISOR oven has been chosen for the food area in the paddock of the most important automotive sports competition in the world dedicated to customers/drivers: FORMULA ONE CUSTOMERS.

Italforni at Parizza in Paris

From 13 to 14 March 2024 we will be at #Parizza: the reference trade fair for Italian gastronomy in Paris since 2011. An event that brings together more than 300 exhibitors and welcomes over 10,000 visitors from all over the world.

Italforni technical sponsor of World Pizza Champion Games

Also this year we will be the technical sponsor of a great event: the World Pizza Champion Games – Pizza Senza Frontiere.

Italforni will be attending Sigep 2024

Starting from January 20th to 24 you can find us at SIGEP international exhibition in Rimini, where Waico will be present with a wide area.

Digital Masterclass with Alex Lo Stocco 

The exclusive live streaming format by Italforni dedicated to bakery professionals is back with Alex Lo Stocco, Brand Ambassador of Italforni, master pizza chef, and internationally renowned pizza consultant. In this second session, he will explore the features of the Caruso® oven.

What are the best professional electric ovens?

The latest generation of professional electric ovens combines cutting-edge technology with design. Discover the most advanced models in the Italforni range.

What is the best professional gas pizza oven?

The choice of the best professional gas pizza oven depends on many factors. Discover what features to consider before making a purchase.

Industrial tunnel oven: gas and electric solutions

The industrial tunnel oven allows for the easy baking of multiple products with reduced energy consumption. Discover the advantages it offers and all the proposals by Italforni.

Pizza ovens, how to choose the right ones?

Professional pizza ovens differ in terms of power supply, technology, and consumption. Discover which ones are most suitable for your business.

ITALFORNI technical sponsor of PIZZA DOC on RAIDUE

ITALFORNI is the technical sponsor of the second edition of PIZZA DOC on RAIDUE, the television show dedicated to the undisputed queen of Italian cuisine: pizza.

Come and discover WAICO GROUP at the fair

Come and discover WAICO GROUP at the fair! We are at Host in Milan and at Iba in Monaco. We are waiting for you.

Gas or electric oven? Discover the main differences

Which is better, a gas oven or an electric oven? Let’s see the characteristics of both so that we can choose the best one for your needs.

The advantages of a professional triple-function oven

The professional triple-function oven, or combination oven, uses steam production to cook food. Discover all the advantages it offers.

Pizza ovens: how much do they consume and how to use them?

There are numerous pizza ovens available, differing in terms of fuel type and consumption. Discover which ones are the best and how to make the most out of them.

What oven should I use for bread?

A bread oven must offer optimal results, low energy consumption, and more. Read the article to discover the best oven for your bakery.

How to attract customers to a pizzeria and increase revenue

How to attract customers to a pizzeria? Discover how to revive your business and increase revenue by reading our dedicated article.

Electric pizza oven, how to choose the best one?

When choosing an electric pizza oven, there are several variables to consider. Discover all the factors to evaluate before making a purchase.

Bull in San Siro Stadium with Molino Casillo

Bull oven has been selected for use in the new Bakery Molino Casillo at the San Siro Stadium in Milan. We look forward to seeing you at San Siro!

Digital Masterclass with Alex Lo Stocco

A digital and exclusive Masterclass of over 2 hours, broadcasted live streaming where Alex will share new recipes and secrets for perfect cooking, from crispy pizza to low carb.

Italforni technical sponsor in Alessandro Lo Stocco new book

We are very proud to announce that we have participated as a technical sponsor in Alessandro Lo Stocco’s
new editorial project. Find out more!

Italforni technical partner during TUTTOFOOD International Fair

From 08 to 11 May, Italforni will be the technical partner of #MolinoCasillo and Tradizione Italiana Italian Food Tradition during TUTTOFOOD International Fair in Milan.

Italforni to Foodservice in Australia

From April 30th to May 2nd 2023 we will be at @foodservice, Australia. Visitors will discover over 450 exhibitors showcasing the latest food, drink and equipment.

Italforni to Parizza Paris Expo

From 12 to 13 April 2023, we will be at Parizza: a reference fair that brings together over 272 exhibitors and welcomes more than 9,000 professionals from the pizza and food industry.

Italforni to the International Pizza Expo 2023 in Las Vegas

On the occasion of the International Pizza Expo 2023, we will bring Made in Italy across the ocean with our Bull, Caruso, and Tunnel Stone ovens, which will be the stars of the event.

Caruso®️ approved and certified by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana

With great pleasure, we inform you that our Caruso®️ oven has received the prestigious AVPN certification, as a product approved and certified by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana.

Italforni technical partner during the Levante Prof International Fair

From 12 to 15 March, Italforni will be Molino Casillo’s technical partner during the Levante Prof International Fair in Bari: the B2B event dedicated to Ho.Re.Ca professionals.

The World Championship of Pizza – Pizza Senza Frontiere

Also this year we will be the main sponsor of a great event: The World Championship of Pizza – Pizza Senza Frontiere to be held in Rimini from 19 to 22 February 2023.

A round table on the future of the pizza – Sigep 2023

A round table on the future of pizza with notable guests and an exceptional moderator al Sigep 2023. We hope many of you will come!

Italforni main sponsor and technical partner of Molino Casillo

The strategic partnership between Italforni and Molino Casillo is strengthened and consolidated, they has chosen the quality of our ovens for all the Masterclasses dedicated to the world of pizza during SIGEP 2023.

Alex Lo Stocco – New Brand Ambassador Italforni

We are happy to share with you a super news for this 2023 in Italforni! Alessandro Lo Stocco, master pizza chef and internationally renowned consultant, starting from this year will be the new ITALFORNI BRAND AMBASSADOR.


Also this year we will be present at SIGEP 2023 from 21 to 25 of January, with many new features, a rich program of Masterclasses and Showcooking together with the most important master pizza chefs on the national and international scene.

Italforni by Waico

Italforni has chosen to join WAICO GROUP, a new group born from the union of leading Italian companies in the bakery, pizza & pastry sector that develops professional equipment chosen by the best white artists in the world.

Which equipment do you need in a pizzeria?

How to start a pizzeria? Starting with the right and useful tools for your business will make you successful. Innovation and quality make all the difference.

Technology and design in pizzeria: the best Italforni professional electric ovens

Italforni professional electric ovens: technological innovation and careful design to embellish your location. Discover Diamond, Bull and Visor!

Pizzeria equipment: what must not be missing in your business

When talking about pizzeria equipment, the subject is wider than shovels, spatulas or rolling pins, because it also and above all concerns the oven, the kneading machine, the pizza rolling machine and all those tools and machineries indispensable for the work of those who offer pizza to customers every day.

Electric oven and design: Italforni aesthetics dictate the law in the kitchen

Visor is an Italforni electric oven that combines functionality and aesthetics. Differentiation is the watchword: creating a style following the trends of the moment and having a design oven are important details in the eyes of your customers.

Everything you should know to open a successful pastry shop

Opening a pastry shop is not easy and requires to take care of many aspects, from the most structural ones, inherent to the room and equipment, to the bureaucratic ones, without forgetting the technique and the skill. Venturing into the confectionery sector does not mean simply practicing a hobby, but much more!

Pastry equipment: what cannot be missing in a successful bakery

To make a good pastry product, passion and technical ability are not enough, but the tools used also play a fundamental role. Professional pastry equipment allows you to improve the quality and quantity of the final product, giving your business an edge.

Italforni to Sigep 2022

Also this year, Italforni takes part in Sigep, the most important fair in the sweet foodservice sector, dedicated to all professionals in artisan pastry and bakery.

Commercial pizza ovens: 10 requirements to optimize your work

Commercial pizza ovens are not all the same and for this very reason, many variables must be considered before proceeding with the purchase of the machinery capable of optimizing one’s work. Find out in the following article all the requirements that a professional oven should have, to optimize the work of a pizzeria.

Commercial electric oven: can you choose the right one?

The commercial electric oven can be chosen for a variety of uses and activities. Read the article to find out what are the applications of this type of oven and the different qualities and characteristics.

How to choose the best commercial bread oven for your bakery

To choose the right oven for your business you need to be clear about your work goals, which will help you better understand the type of oven you will need, as well as the quantity and choice of products you want to offer your customers.
Keyword: commercial-bread-oven

Commercial electric oven for baking: a model for different purposes

Having a commercial electric oven for baking capable of enhancing dishes is an added value for our business. Important are not only the ingredients but also the characteristics of the oven itself. Bull is the perfect oven that manages to combine practicality, high performance and low consumption.

Professional pizza oven: how to choose the right one for your business

The choice of the commercial pizza oven that best suits your business may depend on many factors: the type of pizza that is produced, the quantity of pizzas baked daily and of course the personal taste of the pizza maker. Find out how to choose the right one for your business.

Italforni at HostMilano 2021

Also this year, Italforni participates at HostMilano from 22nd to 26th October. Come and visit us at the world fair dedicated to catering and hospitality and discover CARUSO®, our new Neapolitan pizza oven!

Gas powered pizza oven: all the tips for choosing the best one

Discover all the tips and features to choose the gas powered pizza oven suitable for every activity: from cooking food to cooking various materials.

Bakery ovens: how to recognize the differences and choose the right one

The essential tools for any bakery are machinery and equipment, first of all the oven. The latter significantly affects the quality of the products and, for this reason, those who manage this type of business will have to carefully evaluate which type of commercial bread ovens is best for their premises.

5 things you should know before buying a commercial electric oven

If you want to start a restaurant business or renovate your restaurant, you have imagined improving the service, with the aim of increasing both the business and the image. A fundamental element, able to help you in a decisive way is the professional oven, specifically the electric one.

How to achieve high performance with a gas pizza oven

The secrets for baking the Italian pizza par excellence are so many: from the ingredients to the leavening, up to the cooking times, but the real ally is the oven. A professional gas pizza oven offers several advantages and ensures optimal cooking for a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

Creating the perfect dough: 4 secrets for using a commercial dough mixer machine

The commercial dough mixer machine helps to speed up the preparation of the dough, allowing the pizza chef to save time and energy, even when working on large volumes. Find out in the following article all the secrets to use it at its best in your restaurant!

The best commercial electric pizza ovens

Practicality and functionality are the watchwords when it comes to the best commercial electric ovens and it should not be overlooked that these qualities correspond to high precision in cooking. The possibility of adjusting the temperature allows to obtain a uniform and precise cooking thanks to the humidity control.

Pizza baking stone: advantages and cooking details

The secret of a high-level pizza is made up of several elements: from the ingredients to the expert hands of the pizza maker, from the tools, to finish with the oven. Among all these “components”, for an excellent result, the refractory pizza baking stone must be used without doubt. Discover all the advantages of cooking in this article.

Leavening and baking bread: the 4 most frequent mistakes

Whether you have owned a business for some time, or whether it’s a project that is about to be launched, some tips on leavening and baking of bread help you to pay more attention to the quality of the product. Find out in the following article.

Future, design and technological innovation

Italforni participates in Sigep 2021 with “Inside”, the new digital consultancy program.

Italforni Pesaro at SIGEP 2018

From 20th to 24th of January, we are waiting for you at SIGEP 2018 – Rimini Fiera – Pavilion D7, Stand 034. We will be happy to welcome you at our stand with the full range of our professional electric and computerized gas ovens. And with Diamond, the new oven awarded at Host 2017 with […]

The new oven Diamond wins the “Smart Label”

Diamond, the new product by Italforni Pesaro, has today awarded at HOST 2017 with “Smart Label”, the prestigious international recognition of innovation in the hospitality sector. “Smart Label”, promoted by Host Fiera Milano, in collaboration with, has selected the best products with the most distinctive features for functionality, technologies and environmental sustainability. Thanks to its […]

Italforni Pesaro at HOST 2017

From 20th to 24th of October, we are waiting for you at HOST 2017 – Fiera Milano – Rho. Pavilion 03, Stand L43 – M42. We look forward to welcoming you in our stand, where you can see our new product! Follow us on our Facebook, Linkedin e Twitter channels to find out more.

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