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What are the recommended top and bottom temperatures for baking a classic pizza on an EURO CLASSIC oven?

Referring to a pizza with approximately 55% hydration of the dough for a size of about 220 grams developed manually at 32 cm, the starting temperatures on the Euro Classic oven are: TOP 395 ° BOTTOM 315°; Normally, the Delta (difference in degrees centigrade, between the temperature of the sky and that of the floor) must not exceed 85-90 °. Obviously, always in relation to the classic pizza product cooked directly on the refractory surface. The growth of the Delta consequently has the lengthening of cooking times with a result of a dry and toasted product.l’allungamento dei tempi di cottura con un risultato di prodotto secco e biscottato.

What should I do when starting the oven for the first time?

The testing of an oven must take place in three phases, in a gradual way. During these phases, keep the flap and the vent flap absolutely closed. Turn on the oven and activate the heating elements of both the top and the floor, setting them to 100 °. Once reached, wait about fifteen minutes, then set both to 250 °. When one of the temperatures reaches 250 ° we wait for about 30 minutes and set both resistances to 360 °. Leave the oven on for about 2 hours. After 2 hours, turn off the oven completely and leave the door and the vent valve open. Considering that the oven has in its components, structure, insulation, etc … the classic moisture content of industrial products, it will produce unusual odors. These are not harmful even if they are not very pleasant, it is advisable to ventilate the environment.

How to clean the oven?

Always isolate the machine from the electrical power source and allow the oven to cool down before starting any cleaning operation. Particular care must be taken to clean the inside of the oven, the accumulation of grease and other food material inside the oven could cause fires. To clean the cooking chamber, use a damp cloth, avoid aggressive detergents or acidic substances in order to preserve the internal lining of the chamber. When cleaning the external surface, pay attention to the control panel and the door of the electrical contacts, do not allow water to filter inside the oven frame. Periodically clean the air intakes of the oven panels. The cleaning of the tempered glass must be carried out only and exclusively when the oven is cold in order to avoid breaking them due to the sudden temperature variation. ATTENTION: Do not use chemical agents for cleaning the windows.

What is the maximum temperature of italforni static ovens?

The maximum temperature of our static ovens, both deck and conveyor belt is 450 ° C.

What colors can the glass of the BULL oven be coated in?

The colors available are Red and Black. By request it can be made with all RAL colors.

How does the new industry 4.0 works?

With the new STATE INCENTIVES you pay for your new oven 1/4 of the price with an effective saving of 50% + 24%, applicable on all our modular ovens with touch screen control and dedicated APP.

Do you have a gastronomy oven?

After years of experience in the production of professional ovens, we have made a highly innovative and technological product, easy to use and functional: the WINDY-T (Touch Screen) and WINDY-M (Mechanical Control) professional ovens.
Manual cooking represents the traditional way of cooking in which the chef expresses all his abilities to set each type of cooking to his liking. With the new WINDY ventilated oven all this is done in a few seconds.

Is the glass of the Bull oven just an aesthetic fact?

The glass of the BULL oven, in addition to being widely customizable and providing a unique visual effect, also has the function of thermally insulating the oven, reducing heat loss and electricity consumption.

Do I need to connect it to the chimney?

Maintaining heat inside the chamber is a priority for good and correct oven functionality. On this regard, we clarify some technical aspects relating to the suction system. First of all, we must keep in mind that we are talking about an extraction system for an electric oven. It would be totally different if it were a system for ovens that produce heat through the combustion of gas or wood.
Normally electric ovens produce only humidity, practically what comes out of the product being cooked. Some of this is advantageous in the heat relationship cooking process. It is for this reason that we must correctly manage the suction system in order to be effective when needed, but not to improperly subtract the heat.

Are the ovens stackable?

Yes, all modular deck ovens can be stacked up to a maximum of 3 baking chambers; In the same way, the TUNNEL STONE ELECTRIC oven can be stacked up to 3 floors.

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