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Certainty of results and gourmet performance

For kitchen professionals, like you, the oven is of vital importance. After all, you use it every day and, depending on the dish to be prepared, in dozens of different ways. How to obtain an optimal result in any case?

Italforni has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge professional ovens for more than 40 years, suitable for all types of cooking, which make the work of chefs easier and faster.

Thanks to continuous innovation, research in design and a great ability to listen to customer needs, our technicians have developed a range of products that meet the needs of any kitchen, even yours.

They are reliable, functional and guarantee reduced consumption. By taking advantage of the options and cooking methods made possible by technology, in fact, you can optimize the activity of the oven until reaching maximum

efficiency in terms of time, space, energy and resources used.

The different Italforni models, are designed to easily integrate into various types of ambients, from larger kitchens to smaller ones. Particularly accurate in their external appearance, they are also excellent for being positioned in plain sight.

In case of doubts or needs, you can always rely on our assistance network, distributed throughout Italy. The Italforni team is ready at any time to provide you with any information or help you may need.

Discover our ovens for gastronomy

Extremely versatile, suitable for any type of cooking and with electric or gas power, they are the extra ingredient that will transform your dishes into chef’s delights.

The best for your cooking needs

In kitchens and delicatessens, everything is prepared and often at the same time. Sometimes you need a static oven, other times a ventilated one and still others you need steam.

For this it is necessary to choose combi ovens, that is capable of using different cooking methods, such as Italforni ones. Our models are called Past Food, Windy and Totem.

With our ovens, you can cook different foods without mixing the aromas and keeping the cooking uniform throughout the chamber. 

Depending on your particular needs, you can also choose the type of power supply, electric or gas.

Easy to use and clean, they are equipped with automatic cooking cycles and humidity control devices.

The same interface of the ovens is designed to be extremely practical, usable even by the less experienced. From the beginning you can rely on a series of automatic programs to choose from and which you can modify or implement later.

So you no longer need to set the oven for each use, just recall the desired recipe and start cooking.

In addition, thanks to the Italforni app, you can keep all the features under control from your smartphone or tablet and you can also program, customize and store your favorite recipes at any time. 

Finally, Italforni ovens for gastronomy are all equipped with a car wash system, which allows them to maintain hygiene and brightness over time without effort and avoiding waste.

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