Ovens for massive volumes

Easy and tailor-made cooking in a continuous cycle

If your goal is to bake large volumes of products, all cooked well and evenly, the solution is tunnel ovens. In the tunnel oven just adjust the temperatures of the floor and the top, set the correct speed of the belt and finally start the machine: simple and efficient!

Tunnel ovens consist of two main parts: the conveyor belt, which leads the raw preparations through the path, and the cooking chamber, in which the food is cooked.  

The temperature must be kept constant at all times of the process, in order to avoid imbalances between the different baked pieces or within the same foods. This is why it is important to choose reliable ovens, produced by well-established companies in the cooking sector.

In Italforni, thanks to our decades of experience, we manufacture different types of tunnel ovens, able to meet the needs of all types of food companies: from large industrial companies to laboratories with more moderate production needs.

Our ovens are electric or gas powered, a feature that allows you to choose the heat precisely and keep it unchanged throughout the cycle. In this way you will always obtain uniform and predetermined cooking, which is impossible with wood-fired ovens.

Only in this way, moreover, can the top and floor temperatures be set independently.

Finally, each product can be customized, through special configurations. You explain your specific needs: we will design and build your custom tunnel oven. So you can rest assured: what you buy from us is exactly what you need.

Discover our industrial tunnel ovens

Compact, efficient and easy to use, they allow you to produce a large amount of cooked products with a minimum of time and energy. Also available in special configurations.

The efficient solution to your industrial needs

Manufacturing cooked food has never been easier. Thanks to technology, today any product enters an industrial oven and leaves it after a predefined time, ready for the next processing phase.

Italforni tunnel ovens are the most compact on the market, which is why they also fit small spaces and can be integrated into any automatic production line. Easy to use, they cook flawlessly and consume little.

Above all, they are made according to your specific production needs, both in terms of volumes, specifications or type of cooking.

Industrial Stone is our model designed for pizzas and similars, such as focaccia, wraps, bruschetta and croutons. Made entirely of stainless steel, it cooks directly on refractory stone.

Desert is dedicated to common bread and special breads, such as pane carasau, pistocchu, Sardinian esplanade, Arabic bread or unleavened bread. Also in this case it is 100% stainless steel and fired on refractory stone.

Finally, Biscuit is the tunnel oven designed for various foods: biscuits, cakes, vegetables, meat or chicken wings. Cooking takes place on the copper-plated stainless steel mesh top or using trays and molds.

If you need more important production volumes, we create automatic lines for cooking pizzas, focaccias, wraps or panzerotti. We are talking about a capacity ranging from a minimum of 300 up to 2800 pieces per hour.

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