The future is INNOVATION

Innovating means transforming something by introducing novelties, and this principle is the basis of the evolutionary history of ITALFORNI which has always focused on innovation, researching, designing and developing oven models that are different and unique in design, technology and

performance. Our goal is to offer to our customers unique and inimitable products, capable of responding to the most extreme needs of the professional kitchen, because they are studied on their real needs through a unique design and the best technology available.

Design and technology

ITALFORNI has always been oriented towards design and the search for innovative shapes and materials in line with the trends of architecture and interior design, new technologies that can improve the usability of its products and facilitate the work of professionals.


ITALFORNI is able to guarantee the maximum customization of its ovens through artisanal processes and processes that satisfy any type of dimensional, aesthetic and production requirement. Through the CUSTOM department within the company, custom-made ovens are developed for different sectors and areas.

Smart Tech

Through technology and its evolution, ITALFORNI wants to make its ovens more and more intelligent and performing. Machines capable of best supporting the work of professionals through simple and intuitive cooking programs. In addition to having simplified maintenance systems and remote assistance.

Efficiency and sustainability

TALFORNI products ensure maximum efficiency in terms of energy and production yield thanks to technical and construction elements, studied in detail. The constant research and use of eco-friendly industrial processes and sustainable materials have allowed the company to receive prestigious awards and recognitions.

Heat quality

Thanks to the solid experience gained in the production of industrial ovens for cooking glass and ceramics, ITALFORNI over the years has achieved a power and quality of heat, in the cooking phase of food, today recognized and imitated at an international level.

Sustainable project

Respect for the environment and resources is a fundamental issue for the company which has always used sustainable production processes and easily recyclable materials as well as guaranteeing, in each oven, maximum cooking speed and thermal insulation with minimum dispersion of heat and therefore of energy.

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