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Behind the art of pastry there is a whole world. The thought immediately goes to sweets, biscuits, croissants and various desserts, but there are also chocolate, pizzas, canapés and savory products of many kinds.

It is useless to hide behind a finger, the pastry chef’s is a delicate and complex job, often very tiring. 

A lot of skills are needed: techniques, recipes, ingredients, food safety, but also creativity, artistic sensitivity and a little science, for example to predict the effects of certain combinations of substances, temperatures and processes.

What we asked ourselves in Italforni, a long time ago, is how to concretely help a profession so difficult to frame.

Our response was a series of professional products, including ovens and mixers, with excellent quality and functionality.

Simple models to use, easy to maintain and clean, which allow you to always have control of what you are preparing, from the temperature to the degree of humidity, from the mixing speed to energy consumption.

The construction with the highest quality materials guarantee its sturdiness and durability, while the continuous technological updating ensures maximum efficiency and the best performance on the market.

Top performance and maximum freedom in the management of cooking parameters also mean more efficient time optimization, with a consequent return in economic terms. In short, everything a pastry chef could want!

Discover our pastry ovens

Mixers and ovens in electric or gas version, with one or more baking chambers, traditional or technological, but always characterized by easy use at the best performance / consumption ratio.

Taste-proof preparation and cooking

The success of a pastry chef’s daily business is based on having reliable and professional tools available, suitable for moments of maximum production as well as for the most experimental ones, in which things take place slowly and you need to pay attention to details.

The oven, mainly responsible for cooking, is one of the best allies of those who prepare desserts if it is a quality product and if it is used with skill.

Many still prefer models that cook on gas, but most professionals have now definitively switched to the electric oven, such as our Past Food, Windy and Totem.

This type of oven is capable of diffusing heat more consistently and allows you to adjust the temperature more precisely.

In addition to temperature control and its homogeneity in the cooking chamber, the ability to adjust the humidity and to decide the speed of the fans at will are very useful qualities for those who work in pastry.

The professional mixer is also a precious ally. For some basic processes a classic planetary mixer is sufficient, but for many other preparations something more is needed.

For example, a spiral mixer like our GM allows you to mix dry and liquid ingredients in the best possible way, through the double rotation movement.

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