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In Italy, we know a lot about pizza. When we look for a good pizzeria, we are certainly not satisfied with mediocre meals.

What we expect is an experience, made up of flavors and aromas, but also of textures, colors, aftertaste and that typical atmosphere that accompanies the best dinners. We are talking about tradition, the one that is now more than a century old that has been handed down for generations, but also about innovation, new techniques and recipes that respond to a taste that evolves over time.

Pizza, in short, brings with it expectations and, in a world that is changing faster and faster, these expectations are increasingly difficult to satisfy. That’s why in Italforni we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to make all this easier for you, the pizza chef.

We know your work, the difficulties you face and the commitment you put into it every day and we want you to be able to dedicate yourself only to what you are passionate about: your art.


Our ovens take care of everything else. But cooking is not enough. In fact, a professional oven, in addition to guaranteeing perfect cooking in the easiest and simplest way possible, must meet certain requirements.

  • It cannot consume too many resources, because yours, after all, is a company and at the end of the month the accounts have to balance.
  • It must be safe, for you and for those who consume your pizzas, because you don’t mess with people’s health.
  • It must also be nice to look at, because yours is a place for the public and the image must be taken care of.

We know it well. And we have exactly the right products for you.

Discover our pizza ovens

You can choose them electric or gas, tunnel or modular deck ovens, traditional, ecological or designed, to meet any need for space and cooking.

Electric or gas ovens for pizzerias

Once upon a time there was a wood oven. Beautiful, traditional, suggestive. But also unsafe, difficult to use, less healthy from the point of view of combustion residues.

Times change and today we are able to offer you a new generation of electric or gas ovens, capable of the same qualitative performance of the wood-fired oven, even better, but without its drawbacks.

The electric oven is the most common tool for pizza by the slice and it is also an excellent solution for the one on the plate. Easy to use and clean, it reaches the perfect temperature in a very short time and then keeps it perfectly uniform, an impossible result with a wood oven.

For those with available space and the need to produce large volumes, we recommend our Electric Tunnel, Euro Stand, Euro Classic, Bull, Visor, Diamond solutions. The latter three are also characterized by a particularly attractive design.

Small pizzerias will prefer a more compact range instead. Among the smaller products we mention Tekno, TK, EK and Fast.

Finally, the electric oven allows very precise cooking, which can be modulated according to the type of dough, also thanks to the humidity control technology.

The gas oven is most frequently chosen for cooking traditional pizzas. In fact, the flame transmits the heat into the compartment first by radiation, which affects the surface parts of the pizza, and then by convection, up to the internal parts.

This two-step diffusion of heat is the secret that allows you to obtain pizzas that are crispy on the edges and soft on the topped side.

Eco Gas, for example, or Tunnel Gas are products that guarantee perfect cooking, the result of years of technical optimization. Quick in reaching the temperature and easy to clean, the gas oven is the solution that allows the greatest savings, also from the point of view of consumption.

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